Apartment-drop @ Shaftsbury Serviced Apartment, Malaysia

In CRYPTO, we often hear about airdrop:- tokens,coins, cash, NFTs but not physical real estate. SUMOTEX, as the pioneer in decentralising the real estate and investment industry will be the obvious project that spearhead this. This post will reveal the details of the Apartments.


Shaftsbury Stellar Cyberjaya Hotel

The apartment is located in Cyberjaya, an area spanning across 28.94 square kilometers (7,000 acres) it is also known as the nucleus of Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Since cyberjaya launched, more than 500 Multinational Corporation (MNCs) and local companies have relocated their operations in Cyberjaya which rapidly accelerated the growth of this area. It is well-known as the global ICT hub.



  1. Education- One of the earlies educational centre was the Multimedia University, known as MMU. Hosting approximately 20,000 students. There are also local and international secondary and primary schools where parents dont have to worry about their children being starved of education. Perhaps SUMOTEX can have a crypto education centre here as well in the future, you never know ;)
  2. Commercial- There are plenty of shopping malls to shop by and equipped with all the necesary stores and shops for your daily need. Your visit to your FREE apartment will be convenient.
  3. Recreation- There is plenty of greenery in Cyberjaya, especially its famous 'green lung' which is a 400 acre lake gardens. Bring your SUMO girl together for a evening walk at the park, must be romantic we'd imagine.
  4. Night-life- There are plenty of nightlife nearby, raning from Hops and Grapes (pub) to local coffee shop franchise "Old Town White Coffee" and operated 24/7.

Overall, the location of this apartment is positioned strategically not only for convenient staying but tremendous capital gain and value for money. Afterall, SUMOTEX is managed by real estate investment experts eh ;) Getting it for FREE definitely zerorised your risk as well.

Pictures and photos of the apartment

1. Overall view

Entire Building

Its a beauty isn't it

2. Lobby

Lobby of the Apartment/ now revamped to run as a hotel too!

Such class, I cannot.

3. Bedroom

Cozy enough for 2 SUMOs.


SUMOs needs their nutritions =D


Yeah, we all need it.

6.Facility floor


Best place to get you SUMOs tanned.


Now, we want you to picture yourself enjoying this apartment and the ammenities surrounding it as it will be 100% LEGALLY YOURS.

How to participate? Visit Airdrop FAQ: https://sumotex.co/lab/ for more details.