Bringing Stability to Cryptocurrency

Hello SumoTeX community,

It is my honour to welcome you to join our growing community. I am extremely humbled to be able to serve the crypto community by introducing the first ever blockchain powered DAO investment fund on the IoTeX chain.

In chaos, we seek comfort. Comfort zone and freedom is what we look for from every aspect of our life. Be it coming home to your love ones after a chaotic day at work, stuck at a traffic longing for a peaceful drive to investing into crypto currency where volatility is high.

At SumoTex, we aim to achieve a certain degree of stability to our investors. As we all know, there are plenty pump and dump projects, high yield farming which generates returns as high as 1000% APR and more. These returns are not sustainable and they carry all sorts of risk. Ultimately, returns you get may not be as stated. Fall in token price poses a potential lose to the projected earning. They are also exposed to risk of a pump and dump, flash loan price manipulation.

We achieve sustainability by introducing something innovative which will mitigate most of the risks that others have.

Here is how we do it:

  • We invests in physical real estate, thus earnings are not driven by token price fluctuation, but real world signed tenancy agreement.
  • We distribute stable coin to our NFT holders, thus reducing price risk.
  • All our investment will be documented, uploaded onto the blockchain coupled with IoTeX‚Äôs MachineFi technology to achieve proof of presence.
  • We acquire assets which are undervalued, thus increasing our profit when the community votes to sell the asset.
  • Our NFTs value are pegged to our Asset portfolio value. The larger our asset holdings, the higher will the valuation of your NFT be.

With these strategies, I truly believe that SumoTeX will revolutionise the Private Equity investment industry. By bridging the physical world and metaverse, we will change how investment is traditionally executed.

Once again, I thank you for putting your trust in us, together we will rise to become the largest DAO investment fund.


Dexter Leow