Guide: How to participate in our referral campaign.

In order to participate in our giveaway campaign, you are required to refer 3 different wallet address to purchase.

How are you going to refer a friend is as simple as following the steps below.

  1. Copy your wallet address.
  2. Share the wallet address with your friend.
  3. Visit
  4. Have your friend paste the wallet address into the "Insert Referral Code" section.
  5. Upon your friend purchase our SumoTeX NFT with your wallet address inserted into the box.
  6. Congrats your participation have been recorded and you have successfully referred a friend.
  7. Refer a minimum of 3 friends(wallet address) to stand a chance to win our giveaway!

As per the image above, you can see theres a section where "Insert Referral Code here", this is where your friend will have to paste your wallet address on the 23rd of Jan 2022.

Upon the purchase of SumoTeX NFT, the wallet address that was used for referral will be recorded and the condition to participate in our campaign is that you need to refer 3 different wallet to purchase at least 1 SumoTeX NFT in order to participate our 50,000 IOTEX giveaway campaign, refer image below for more information.

Visit our telegram( if you would like to find out more details!