How to purchase SumoTeX NFT

This is a guide to teach you how you can purchase a SumoTeX NFT.

IF you have IOTEX coins, please proceed to Step 6, else, you may proceed with the guide as below.

How to purchase IOTEX coin.

  1. Setup an account with
  2. Top-up your account with your debit card.
  3. Purchase the amount of IOTEX that you require.
  4. Setup a web3.0 wallet with either ioPay or Metamask
  5. If you don't have a metamask account, you can setup by following the guide here:
  6. If you prefer to setup a ioPay account, follow the guide here:
  7. Both are web3.0 wallet that serves the same purpose. So either will work fine.

Metamask user

How to transfer from my account to Metamask wallet

  1. Select transfer

2. Select "Withdraw"

3. Select External Wallet

4. Go to your Metamask and copy the following address. (If you are an android app user, please use the desktop version of metamask or you may use ioPay wallet)

5. If your wallet is not whitelisted, you can whitelist the Metamask wallet address for withdrawal. Then select "Withdraw IOTX"

Upon completion of withdrawal, your Metamask will be reflected with the IOTX token.

6. Then visit in your Metamask/IoPay browser and Mint!

  • If you are using the Android version of Metamask app, please proceed with dekstop for minting/purchasing and viewing.

7. To view your NFT, visit