Introducing SUMOVERSE on Decentraland

As SUMOTEX grows, we expanded our real estate portfolio into the metaverse as we have a strong belief that MetaFi is the way forward. Therefore, we are proud to announce our latest investment on DECENTRALAND, a MEGA metaverse development project we call SUMOVERSE.

View our lands here:

Plot 1:

Plot 2:

Master Development Plan

We have great plans for sumotex, refining what is known as metaverse today, will be a thing of the past, sumotex will be executing the following as part of the founder vision, alongside with NFT holder to bring SUMOVERSE a success. Here’s a key highlight on our journey and roadmap


Players and residents in SUMOVERSE can trade essential items which are used in SUMOVERSE such as; NFTs, wearables, sub lots of developed parcel in SUMOVERSE.


Nobody will be bored in SUMOVERSE, we aim to develop concert stadiums ( definitely inviting some of the best bands, artists and DJ’s to perform), battle arenas, Casinos, coffeeshops (for socializing), conference halls (for presentation and weddings; imagine if you can get married in physical and metaverse simultaneously)


Amongst all the entertainment centres that will be built, there will be a competition of P2P between players in SUMOVERSE. Friendly matches, weekly tournaments and championship will be held and there will be prizes to be won in form of IOTEX,SUMO coins and MANA tokens too!

Who will prevail as the BEST WRESTLER in SUMOVERSE?


Introducing the Central Business District (CBD) of SUMOVERSE, where financial institutions are able to finance the purchase of residential blocks for players who are interested in purchasing our units in SUMOVERSE.


SUMO’s Metaverse financing house will provide loans, mortgages and refinancing options for existing owners or new purchaser. As lands are not liquid, SUMO Credit will be able to issue loan to applicants on Decentraland almost immediately. These financing options will be available to everyone in DECENTRALAND, residents at SUMOVERSE will enjoy a lower financing rate if required.


Museums for NFTs, Art collections (which are not for sale) will be built for SUMOVERSE residents, IOTEX Museums, where we document every milestone and achievement IOTEX has achieved as a tribute.


Digital billboards surrounding the SUMOVERSE (as another source of revenue to our holders)


There will be 5 type of residential asset classes in SUMOVERSE:

  • Luxurious high end condominium
  • Luxurious hilltop Bungalow and estates
  • Middle class terrace houses
  • Affordable condominiums
  • Walk up apartments

You can hold our own metaverse gathering, amend/renovate certain area of your home, showcase your SUMOTEX NFTs too! ( SUMO NFT holders/ outside player purchase/airdrop will be given a unique access code to their units)


Before we release our awaited physical apartment airdrop, SUMOTEX will conduct a Metaverse asset airdrop first! Entitled SUMOTEX NFT holders will be given a unit of these residential units upon completion.

Terms and Conditions

*First come first serve basis until all units are taken up

*Automatically entitled with minimum 10 NFT minted (NFT minted in the previous batch is taken into considerations as well)

**IOTX token pool will be equally divided to all qualified participants

***MANA token pool will be equally divided to all qualified participants