Forwarding into a new Market Regime - The Sandbox

We are entering a new market regime that is unlike anything in the past. Over the last decade, many form of financial instruments, investment asset class and breakthrough with world-class innovation has led the way that drives our economy and the future of finances.

But today, we have a whole new economic shift, a landscape that was once thought as science fiction, but coming closer to reality. The Metaverse. Leading a whole new form of economy, from gaming, events and even contents.

Over at SUMOTEX, our leading expert has carefully handcrafted and deep dive into what makes a perfect acquisition. Through our various experts and collective decade experience, we have decided is time to enter the next phase of bringing our investor the best of metaverse, The Sandbox.



Our first land on the

Our acquisition came upon the idea of generating long term wealth for our investor, re-defining what is traditional investing. Through our search, we have made various decisions, in determining a land worthiness and went ahead with acquiring this piece of land.

Why Sandbox

This is the beginning of many, as we enter the next phase of SumoTeX, we decided that is time to have our landmark on the biggest Metaverse name available. Being a finite land that is limited to only 166,464 LANDs. The investment and capital gain on this land will allow us to generates passive incomes for all our investors. Apart from that, Sandbox has some big names that has entered the ecosystem such as Square Enix, Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Binance, Snoop Dog, Smurfs, Deadmau5, and so on. This is the reason, that we think the possibility are endless, owning a piece of land and building through all our exciting plans on The Sandbox.

Our plan

Auction House

We are looking to build the next generation marketplace, that allows real-time bidding, auctioning properties and NFTs. As we all know, the entire bidding experience can be further enhance with a 3D form. Imagine entering into an auction where you get to feel the excitement and adrenaline of live real-time bidding. Now that is what the Metaverse will become and we are heading towards that direction. Our form of income will be for every successful bidding session, we will be taking a cut-rate from it.

Decentralised Casinos House

As we think through on how we can generate profit and ensure we are constantly gaining income for our NFT holders, we have decided that we will have to build something that is sustainable and drives great traffic into our land all the time. We don't want to be limited by the time constraint or even timezone. What makes a more captivating game than building a Casino that operates 24/7?  

In the early phase, our casino will consist of simple games that will drives great excitements and slowly we will be branching out to more complex games like poker and roulette.

Prediction House

Building something on the Metaverse requires time and effort. Maximising impact and profit to our holder is always our top priority. We have decided we will be building a prediction house, a place where you can predict anything.

But with our final idea for this land, we have something greater that brings and complements across the ecosystem of IOTEX and SumoTeX. Through our DAO ecosystem, we will be able to achieved the following:

All SumoTeX NFT SE holder will be able to start their own topic and the entire ecosystem will vote upon it. The topic will be a multiple choice questions, that allows all holder of SUMOTEX NFT to vote on the top topic to run and the durations.

Topic Creator

  • To create a topic and set the time-frame for voting.
  • To also provide time-frame for evidence that this particular topic has an outcome that is a True or False value and not vague.
  • Upon completion of voting by all SUMOTEX NFT holder. Majority wins and this topic will be run in our SAND Prediction House.
  • On entering SumoTeX Prediction House, our participants will be able to start purchasing ticket to either going against the topic creator or supporting him.
  • On the end of the time-required, the evidence will be provided by the Topic Creator and the pool of funds will be split between the winner and SumoTeX. In turn this will generate an income for SumoTeX NFT holder.


Stay tune for our upcoming news on our builds and progress.

Thank you for supporting and believing in us,