SumoVerse Launch Event

Hello to all Sumotexians! We have a special announcement to make about upcoming activities in the SumoVerse. I hope you are ready, because there is no boring time in the SumoVerse!

In a few days, all 800,000+ Decentraland players will know about SumoTex, because we will publish an interactive scene explaining the SumoTex project and the plans for the SumoVerse.

On this occasion we will announce the details of a big draw to win several prizes:

  • 1 SumoVerse Luxurious Skyscrapper condo;
  • 5 SumoVerse affordable condominiums;
  • 5 SumoTex Special Editions NFT;
  • Several items from the SumoVerse Pioneer clothing collection;
  • and other prizes to be announced.


Details about the March promotional draw:

- By visiting the scene during its launch week, players will be able to obtain one ticket for the draw;

-During the following week some mini-games will be rolled out and players will be able to get up to 6 additional tickets;

- Although it is not mandatory, players will be able to get more tickets for the draw by purchasing clothes from the SumoVerse Pioneer collection. There is no limit to the number of items each player can purchase. However, the number of tickets for the draw is limited to 1,000 per wallet.

  • The number of tickets accumulated during the mini-game will be multiplied according to the quantity of clothes in your possession one day before the draw date and their rarity. A 2x multiplier will be given for a cap, 5x for a shirt and 25x for shorts. For example, a player who has accumulated all 7 tickets available at the event and owns a cap (2x) and a shirt (x5), will get 49 tickets for the draw (7 tickets from the event x (2+5)).

- A few days before the end of the promotion (towards the end of March) a list will be published with the draw combinations of each eligible player;

- The big draw will take place a few days later during a live stream.

Here are some details about on the SUMOVERSE Pioneer collection:

- Three items are part of this exclusive collection (cap, t-shirt and shorts);

- Each has a different rarity and a different launch price:

Cap = RARE (5000 units - 5 mana)

Shirt = EPIC (1000 units - 30 mana)

Shorts = LEGENDARY (100 units - 100 mana)

Items in this collection will provide several benefits to their owners:

1. Participation in a special investment fund dedicated to the SumoVerse (with dividends related to this project);

2. Advantages in the casino, advantages during the activities organized in the SumoVerse;

3. Access to airdrops reserved for holders;

4. Preview access to P2E games to be launched in Q2-Q3 2022 (Roadmap will be announced soon);

5.  Access to exclusive areas of the SumoVerse;

6. And many more other benefits to be announced.

The three NFT items from the SUMOVERSE Pioneer collection will be officially released at the launch of the new SumoVerse building in a few days. It will be possible to admire and buy them on site (while getting a free ticket for the draw!). It will also be possible to buy them in DCL marketplace and put them on sale (who would want to sell such a valuable item?).

Each item will be deployed in 10% increments of its total quantity. Thus, the first batch will consist of 500 caps, 100 shirts and 10 shorts, at a price of 5, 30 and 100 mana respectively.

The price of the subsequent batches will be increased by 20% of the initial cost of each item. Thus, when the second batch goes on sale, a cap will cost 6 mana, a shirt 36 mana and a shorts 120 mana. Item holders will be free to resell at any price they wish, but should be aware that for the last batch of this Pioneer collection a cap will cost 14 mana, a shirt 84 mana and shorts 280 mana.

It should be noted that subsequent collections will also receive benefits based on their launch price, which will remain stable.

In addition, close to 200 caps will be distributed by airdrop in the next few days to all eligible participants who attended the Gender Reveal event. As promised, there will also be a draw in the next few days to give away one SumoTex  Special Editions NFT to two of these participants.

Flash Auction (5 days):

To allow you to take a look at the collection, we are launching an auction today for NFT number 1 and 2 for each of the three items. So, by following the following links you will be able to place a Bid to get them:

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Cap   # 1/5 000: Link

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Cap   # 2 /5 000: Link

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Shirt   # 1/1 000 : Link

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Shirt # 2/1 000 : Link

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Short   # 1/100: Link

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Short   # 2/100: Link

All items in the collection can be purchased using Mana (Polygon) which offers minimal or no gas costs, depending on the type of transaction. It is possible to use iotube to transfer WMatics or USDT_m to Polygon at low cost. Once on Polygon you can use their wallet ( to swap your token to get Mana. We are available to assist you if needed.

Will you be the first owner of one of the first two items in this unique collection? On Saturday, March 12, 00:01 UTC, we will accept the highest Bid for each of these six items. Please note that there is no reserve price for this auction.